Change your mind change your 'self' change your life - How to replace the angst of needing more (bling) with peace of mind and abundance!

Why consider coaching at all:

Observe all the millions of thoughts, ideas, aspirations, dreams, wishes, remonstrations, contemplations and any other number of mental formations that run through your mind minute by minute, day by day – of all these, which ones will actually make a difference when it is time to summarize a life of significance, a 'lufe worth living'? These are important evaluations to consider.  What are the most suitable tools to do that? And where do we learn them?

Little like getting ready for a performance in the theatre, working with a coach can an opportunity to reflect with someone holding an illuminated mirror to our sense of self... The process of coaching entails unwrapping the sense of self – our essence – from the false packaging (some call it baggage), which is attached to us by the virtue of developing an identification with false notions of 'me' and 'mine'. We perceive that we suffer for many different reasons, but primarily all these pertain to our ignorant wish for something that is present, or happening, to be different than what it is. We resent what is happening because it does not fit our expectations of what should happen.

In other words, the coaching process helps us to discern the real from the false. A good coach does not tell us what to think, or do, but instead supports us in our own journey of discovery. Most people yearn to be told how to feel better. Some people seek to learn how to become better at whatever it is they deem important. Few embrace the conscious evolution and detachment that are the foundations of peace with the present moment, the key to feeling better. 

What is Mindfulness:

Mindfulness, in a nutshell, is the capacity to stay non-judgmentally focused on the present moment. Notice that the word 'on'; not 'in'. Consider a moment when we are really focused while doing something (like when stick our tongue out while using a tool of sort), there is often superb concentration on a task, but there is still very little internal witnessing – there is no one consciously watching the unfolding process moment by moment.

Attaining the capacity for Mindfulness will take us a step further: now there is a sense of 'I am' watching the conversation in our head observing the thoughts, reactions, emotions, bodily sensations and other 'information' bits which are streaming in. That observer is watching without commenting, looking without reacting, taking it in without holding on. Focus, with awareness, in the present moment, and without judgement.

Mindfulness-based coaching can support this process. It is like unwrapping our true ‘self’ from within the projected packaging of identification with useless things and painful habits, which at times make us vulnerable. And it is also a celebration: an intuitive, conscious, vibrational, creative walk through the vagaries of self and tribulations of the human experience.  

Coaching is about making the human experience more manageable - even managed with excellence. There is only one way to find out if this model works for you or not – seize the moment and contact Michael for a free chat. 

One on One Coaching:

This program is tailored to your individual needs and can be as short as a single-pointed enquiry looking to address a specific issue (usually one to three sessions); or as long as undertaking the full MIndfulness-based Life Coaching model which has a round 40 modules to explore and a year long practice to commit to (commitment to practice is a key driver for lasting change...).

Positive Neuroplasticity Michael Bartura

Positive Neuroplasticity Coaching:

Our brain origins - developed while surviving predators and others daily threats left us with a crippling Negative Bias which can literally 'bring you down' with daily habits of self criticism, fear-based reactions and inherent dread or pessimism for the unknown future. This coaching methodology is based on work developed by Dr. Rick Hanson and is usually run as a sequence of three to six sessions. 

For more information please refer to

TeamUp Triad Coaching:

"This cutting edge program has been developed in association with the Asian Leadership Institute using insights gathered from working with senior leaders from a wide range of organizations and fortune 500 companies." This program is specifically suited for busy professionals who want to stretch their personal horizons but also accrue, share and practice the experience - and the learning with like-minded individuals.

Contact for free trial session:

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"Michael is humble yet enlightened with a kind heart, an open mind and a compassionate soul. His knowledge and experience in the mind body awareness space is not only in-depth but it is contagious. He had helped to set me on my own personal journey of transformation and awareness to which I am eternally grateful. Michael's patience and guiding style inspired me to discover my inner strength and fortitude. I strongly recommend him for any organization that seeks to transform its culture and strives to cultivate not only effective managers but enlightened leaders."                    

                              ~ Felix Wong, China
"Michael Bartura was the group coach for an Asian Leadership Instite's (ALI) skype and online based 4-month leadership coaching program that I joined in 2014. The coaching was based on a mindfulness methodology developed by ALI. Michael worked very skillfully with our small but diverse group of executives and guided us through the twelve sessions. I was impressed by Michael's ability to probe deeper and offer alternative or supporting suggestions. He helped us to connect as a group, encouraged us to meaningfully practice, and supported us in making some of the changes and adjustments that we identified. Michael is a skilled and experienced coach and I am happy to provide this recommendation."

~ Martin Venzky-Stalling, Thailand

"I liked to actively work with some of the negative aspects in my life. I really enjoyed the facilitator and his enlightening way of looking at things and his insightful questions that made me shift perspective. The atmosphere during the call was fine.                         
I am glad to have done with my friends because I got to know them even better and noticed how we actually deal with similar issues in life. I certainly take this positive experience into my future!" 
~ Marika L., Netherland

"Michael is one of the most inspiring people I've met. He is dedicated to helping humanity on all levels --from creating a community center for seekers to courageously doing grunt work in the trenches, literally, all in a part of the world forgotten by most in the time of need. I'm not sure which shines more, his heart or his smile."

~ Kim Roberts, USA

"Michael has help us out on several projects ranging from business planning, corporate organization and staff training. He is an outstanding individual whose skills, dedication and work ethic are only eclipsed by his strong morale compass, compassion and relentless drive to make our world a better place to live. I cannot make a wronged recommendation and hope I have the privilege and opportunity to work with him in the future."

~ Brent Reynolds, Canada

About: Michael Bartura is a practicing coach and facilitator with background in therapy, management and group work.  With over 20 years experience in management positions within the education, international aid, manufacturing and business development, in as many as 12 different countries, his main effort in coaching is unearthing that which is similar, and lovable, within the multitudes of human experiences and reflections.